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By Chris King
In my previous article, I discussed the critical need for business owners to have their business valued by a professional appraiser.
By Chris King
What's so important about having a valuation of my company?
By Markus Heiss
As business structures become more complex, companies often need more sophisticated insurance products to properly manage their business interruption risks.
By Paul Isaac
Late 2017 has witnessed a flurry of catastrophic weather events that has led to widespread devastation. Hurricane Harvey set the ball rolling, with unprecedented rainfall in the southern United States.
By David Maritz
One of the most common issues that arise from short duration interruptions, those measured in days as opposed to weeks or months, is whether the business actually suffered a permanent loss...
By Brad Ebel
Mining Business Interruption Insurance and the Principal of Indemnity. A contradiction? How can a mine claim for lost production when the ore is not lost and will be mined?
By Mark Mangan
The number of food product recalls reported in the UK through the FSA (Food Standards Agency) rose 78% in 2015.
By Daniel Thorpe
We live in a world of Big Data. Petabytes, Zettabytes, Yottabytes of data. The Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly connects day-to-day appliances, machines and equipment with each other.
By Ephraim Stulberg
It is not uncommon for litigation to involve the quantification of financial remedies across multiple political and monetary boundaries.
By Ephraim Stulberg
In the previous post, we presented a basic framework for analyzing the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations on quantifying financial remedies.
By Ephraim Stulberg
The appeal in Moore centred on the question of what ought to be the proper degree of interaction between lawyers and their experts.
By Iain Potter
During the course of matrimonial disputes, there are often situations where solicitors find it helpful to engage specialist investigators and appraisers.
By Ephraim Stulberg
It has now been thirteen years since the Ontario Arthur Wishart (Franchise Disclosure) Act, 2000, SO 2000, was enacted.
By Ephraim Stulberg
This first post on pre-judgment interest deals with the basic question: what is the best method by which to calculate a pre-judgment interest rate?