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By Pratistha Sinha
Fluentgrid Limited, Plaintiff, is a Indian company, which has been carrying out its business in India since the year 1998.
By Pratistha Sinha
(L'AirLiquideSocieteAnonyme pour l'etude et l'exploitation desprocedes Georges Claude and Anr vs. Liquid air & Ors.)
By Maithili Prabhu (Intern), M Sai Krupa (Intern)
Our lives, nowadays, seem to revolve around devices; technological devices like computers, cell phones, more importantly smartphones using 3G/4G networks, and even the earphones...
By Shubham Shende
Although the clash over ‘Khadi' between the German company Khadi Naturprodukte and Khadi and Village Industries Commission is far from resolution, the latter has already filed another suit, this time against Fabindia ...
By Khurana And Khurana
Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate based in Seoul. They have had their manufacturing units in six countries, namely, Vietnam, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Korea.
By Ankita Aseri
The recent trend shows that the Registry has granted GI to government.
By Aparajita Kaul
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) defines Intellectual Property to be creations of mind that have been manifested.
By M. Sai Krupa
Compulsory Licensing is an authorisation given to a person to use a patented invention without any permission from the patent holder of that invention.
By Madhur Tulsiani
Human beings are full of desires. And an exchange has to be made for something against fulfilment of those desires.
By Esha Himadri
Exactly a year back, Calcutta High Court gave an elaborate judgement discussing the conditions for grant of design.
By Ankita Aseri
The new legislation of Designs Act, 2002 has a different classification system than the old Designs Act, 1911.
By Ankita Aseri
If by explicit disclaimer, a proprietor has waived away his right to protect a part of the mark.
By Khurana And Khurana
IIPRD, along with Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (K&K) and its eminent foreign associates have decided to play a supportive role in supporting the prospective candidates...
By Pratistha Sinha, Rishabh Nigam
Universities and Institutes are considered to be the most important foundation for growth of any country. It is the place where most of the basic research is carried out, giving way to inventions.
By Ankita Aseri
This case is a result of copyright infringement of a musical based on the story of Zorro.The character of Zorro originally was developed by Johnst McCulley which was further adapted in stories.