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By Deepika Sharma
These brands had filed a lawsuit against the said freight forwarder in Singapore High Court in March, 2013 for trans shipping fake and trademark infringing goods.
By Sharmeen Shaikh
The year of 2019 has been regarded as the most promising year. It started with Disney's magnum opus announcement to deliver two motion pictures consecutively.
By Shubham Borkar, Neha Rani
It provides reservation of jobs in central government jobs as well as government educational institutions.
By Shubham Borkar, Neha Rani
The resources of a business such as technology, copyright, trademarks and other IP are the building blocks of Brand Value. Knowledge of the value contribution of these resources and the linkages
By Shubham Borkar, Neha Rani
Brand Value is an enormously important subject matter amongst businesses, marketers, entrepreneurs and companies at large.
By Lokesh Vyas
Patentability of pharmaceutical drugs and other issue associated with the patent have been a moot point all over the world.
By Shubham Borkar
With the growth of internet and advent of a global economy, the world has become one big marketplace and all of us are ‘consumers' in some sense or the other.
By Shubham Borkar, Parimal Kashyap
India is a place that is known for umpteen games. While sports like cricket have been pursued like a religion, present occasions have achieved a dynamic change and numerous different games
By Khurana And Khurana
Copyright Law in India is governed by the Copyright Act, 1957. Section 13 of the Act defines the scope of existence of copyright by listing those works in which copyright subsists
By Khurana And Khurana
Artificial Intelligence, which was fiction in the 1950s, is more science and less fiction these days. AI can already compose music
By Khurana And Khurana
Congratulations to all those who have cleared the exams!
By Yashvi Padhya
The Consumer Protection Bill, 2018 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 5th January, 2018 and was passed in the ongoing session of the Parliament on 20th December, 2018.
By Adhishree Jadhav
By having access to a source code, a programmer can add or delete features to make the program function more efficiently.
By Parimal Kashyap
In a recent judgment dated December 14, 2018, a five-judge bench of Delhi High Court has ruled that a plaintiff can join two causes of action
By Deepika Sharma
Since drug development carries unknown risks and extensive research and development which consumes several years.
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