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By HFG Law Firm
Since recent years, the damages granted in intellectual property law suits, especially in trademark infringement cases, have been increasing remarkably in China.
By HFG Law Firm
In April 2017, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce released three opinions to boost the reform on company registration: the Opinions on Promot¬ing the Full Electronic Process...
By HFG Law Firm
In the last three years, China has doubled its wine imports and thus surpassed Canada in fourth place in the ranking of total consumers with a current population of 38 million wine lovers.
By Marie Ferey, Fabio Giacopello
Several high-profile cases show that trademark owners in China can succeed in removing squatters.
By HFG Law Firm
These emails contained discussions relating to the Respondent‟s importation of "THATCHERS" branded cider.
By HFG Law Firm
Herein we will focus on a new fiscal policy aiming at encouraging wealthy individuals to move their fiscal domicile within Italian borders.
By HFG Law Firm
It appears nowadays clear that Chinese authorities are moving towards strict application of food safety provisions.
By HFG Law Firm
In China we do not have a comprehensive regulation providing legal definitions to food products such as the EU Regulation n. 1303/2013.
By HFG Law Firm
Mediante un comunicado de fecha 2 de junio de 2017 la UE y China han hecho público el nuevo acuerdo alcanzado para el reconocimiento mutuo de 200 nuevas indicaciones geográficas (IG) o denominaciones de origen ...
By HFG Law Firm
On June 1st, 2017 the Cyber Security Law of the People's Republic of China ("CSL"), has finally came into force.
By Nicola Aporti
O Parbleu! Thunderclap for the cheese gourmet! Recently China undertakes strengthened regulatory measures which have directly affected the long-term importation of certain types of European cheese...
By HFG Law Firm
As soon as the temperature drops in China Moncler passes on attack with an intensive anti-counterfeiting campaign thorough whole China, with special focus on Harbin, Shenyang, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.