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By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
In Nigeria's Federal Capital Territory ("the FCT"), the Land Use Act empowers the Minister of the FCT ("the Head lessor") to grant persons ("the Lessee") development lease over portion of lands for a period of years for the purpose of development.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act which established the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board was enacted in 2010.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
The recent drop in global crude oil price and the persistent efforts of the Federal Government of Nigeria to diversify her economy and move away from overreliance on the oil and gas sector have made Nigeria a fertile ground for investments.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
The ever increasing rate of unemployment with its adverse effect on the Nigerian economy has been a perennial problem for successive Governments.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
As a developing country, Nigeria's real estate sector is evolving at a tremendous pace. Governments at all levels are more aware of the role of real estate development on the growth of their respective territories.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
Under Nigerian Copyright Act, original literary, musical and artistic works, cinematography films, sound recordings and broadcast are eligible for copyright.
By Aderonke Alex-Adedipe
As previously noted, VAT is chargeable on those goods and services which are referred to as "taxable" under the Act.
By Bayo Onamade
The writer recently filed a notice of share transfer on behalf of a client at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja-the Nigerian companies’ registry.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
The 21st Century has witnessed a boom in Nigerian music. The songs of Nigerian new generation artists are aired on prominent radio and televisions stations across the world.
By Afoke Igwe, Aderonke Adejugbe, Bayo Onamade
Under Nigerian law, parties have freedom to contract and will, generally, be bound by the terms of their contract.
By Toyin Tella
Under common law, carriers were liable for loss or damage to goods in their custody notwithstanding the absence of fault on their part.
By Aderonke Adejugbe, Bayo Onamade
The first regulatory framework aimed at promoting antigas flaring policies in Nigeria was the Associated Gas Reinjection Act, 1979.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
It is without doubt that apart from regular business and environment related problems, entrepreneurs have to grapple with the security challenges in Nigeria.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
The deregulation of the telecommunications sector in 2001 led to the issuance of telecom licenses to major telecom providers.
By Emmanuel Ekpenyong
Unlike commercial litigation where litigants spend many years in court for their dispute to be resolved, an arbitration proceeding is fast and flexible.