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Contributor Most Read
Contributor Most Read
By Jatin Kapoor, Akanksha Tomar
Every LLP shall have at least 2 partners and there is no limit for the maximum numbers of partners.
By Aayush Sharma
Provided that any such entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence shall not be considered as a start-up.
By Shrabani Rout
In this age of social media, a domain name is a must for any startup.
By Harsimran Singh
To begin with, wages include salary, allowance, or any other component expressed in monetary terms and generally does not include bonus payable to employees or any travelling allowance, among others.
By Harsimran Singh
The Ministry of Labour & Employment, with the sole aim to support & promote the Start-Up ecosystem and encouraging entrepreneurs in setting up new start-up ventures resulting in creation of employment opportunities...
By Manoj Singh
According to the World Bank Report of Doing Business, the insolvency resolution process in India is complex, time consuming and expensive due to presence of multiple laws.
By Manoj Singh
In order to promote domestic market and the manufacturers, the Government of India had launched the "Make in India" campaign wherein various subsidies, benefits are introduced to the startups ...
By Manoj Singh
Not so long, all the creditors, as well as the debtors were welcoming the move of the legislature in introducing the now most complicated Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 but now everybody has realized that the code ...
By Harsimran Singh
The purpose of an operating agreement is to lay governance of the internal operations of a business in a manner that is in tandem with the specific needs of the business owners.
By Satwik Singh
The law is still crystallizing the fact as to which entities can come under the respective categories for initiation of CIRP as mentioned above.
By Himanshu Sharma
For decades, the Indian Trademark Office was termed as the slowest office in terms of getting a trademark registration.
By Shrabani Rout
While developing a new idea as a product, innovators understandably invest a lot of time into the research and development of the product.
By Himanshu Sharma
The concealment of fact regarding the knowledge about the Defendant's trademark is also treated as acquiescence in Indian Trademark Act and hence same is a case of denial of the equitable relief.
By Shrabani Rout
A Zombie trademark can be fatal to a previous owner's reputation if it falls in the wrong hands.
By Suchi Rai Singh
The drawings of the ATL devices of the Plaintiffs, therefore, are registrable under the Designs Act. The said drawings have not been registered under the Designs Act.
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