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By Marsha Laine Dungog
Current US tax laws do not provide any definitive guidance on the US tax classification and treatment of hybrid foreign retirement plans such as an Australian Superannuation Fund
By Kim G.C. Moody, Kenneth Keung
On July 18, the Department of Finance released a blockbuster package of proposed tax law changes aimed at private corporations and their shareholders.
By R. Oliver Branch
For anyone paying even moderate attention to the news over the past few years, it will come as no surprise that the Trump administration's views on immigration have had a significant impact...
By Azam Rajan, Kim G.C. Moody
The 2017 US tax reform was breathtaking in the speed of its enactment, the breadth of its international provisions, and its complexity.
By R. Oliver Branch
It's no secret that perceptions and laws regarding cannabis have changed significantly in recent years, with medicinal and adult use becoming legal in some form or another in Canada and many states in the US.
By Kim G.C. Moody
As part of draft legislation released on July 27, 2018, the Department of Finance moved forward with new trust reporting rules that were announced in the 2018 Federal budget.
By Elan Harper, Azam Rajan
In this article, the authors consider the effect the U.S. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act may have on Canada regarding both U.S. inbound and outbound investments
By Kim G.C. Moody
It's the 199th day in the Gregorian calendar for non-leap years.
By Marsha Laine Dungog
The IRS announced on May 21, 2018, the rollout of six additional compliance campaigns to be undertaken by the Large Business and International Division (LB&I).
By R. Oliver Branch
Our firm is filled with strong and creative US and Canadian tax practitioners who spend their days creating strategic solutions for clients who desire to invest their assets ...
By Kevin Kirkpatrick
As another season of summer travel starts, UK residents with US ties should make sure they are thinking carefully about their US tax obligations.
By Kenneth Keung, Kim G.C. Moody
When we think about trilogies, our brains often think about movies and not tax proposals.
By Kim G.C. Moody
Well, the last nine months have been a hell of a ride. I've never experienced anything like it and I hope I never do again.
By Kari L. Drinnan
If you are a resident in a province other than B.C. for the purposes of paying income taxes, and you own residential property in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, the Capital and Nanaimo Regional Districts, ...
By Saul Abrams
On February 27, 2018, the federal government released its annual "budget." This summary focuses only on the tax measures as it relates to private clients and our related commentary.
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