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By Norman Harrison
The policy's goal is to provide stronger incentives for businesses to identify and report suspected violations by individuals.
By Duff and Phelps
Under General Data Protection Regulation and the U.K.'s Data Protection Bill, individuals have the right to access their personal data.
By Malin Nilsson
Amidst the publicity surrounding publication of the Paradise Papers last November, some important facts were lost.
By Duff and Phelps
To create long-term viable businesses, investment firms must provide products that serve clients' needs.
By Killian Buckley
It is evident from the Central Bank's focus on Brexit that now is the time for firms to start planning.
By Jason Elmer
At a national level, we have Rule 30 of the SEC's Regulation S-P under which firms must adopt written policies and procedures to protect customer information.
By Hannah Rossiter
The regulatory battle against bribery and corruption isn't one French businesses have ever been able to sit out.
By Monique Melis
The costs of regulation continue to increase. According to 19% of our survey respondents, the cost of compliance is approaching 10% of the cost base in their firms.
By Julian Korek, Monique Melis, Chris Lombardy
The regulatory burden increases inexorably but promises of regulatory harmonization never seem to deliver.
By Robert Peters, Sonia Walwyn, Keela Ross, Scott Regan
A great deal has been written about the inordinate time and expense companies experience as result of being subject to a Delaware unclaimed property audit.
By David Lu, Margaret Mi, Patrick Wu, Robert A. Bartell, Christopher Janssen
More than sixty U.S.-listed Chinese companies have completed going-private transactions over the past five years, with six transactions closing in 2017 and accounting for approximately $7.3 billion in equity value.
By Robert Peters, Sonia Walwyn, Keela Ross
California ("CA") has long been considered among the few states that regularly imposes interest and penalties for late filing of unclaimed property reports, yet does not have a program...
By Robert Peters, Mary Alice Cashin
Online retail wasn't much of a big deal in 1992. Come to think of it, it wasn't a deal at all.
By Mike Heimert, Jill Weise, Douglas Fone, Shiv Mahalingham
On March 16, 2018, the OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS issued its Interim Report on the Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalization.
By Marie Barber, Michael Beart
This must be done by 30 September 2018.
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