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By David Lu, Margaret Mi, Patrick Wu, Robert A. Bartell, Christopher Janssen, Matthew Schwartz
Activity has declined from the peak level seen in 2016, with six transactions closed in 2017, and one closed and two announced deals so far this year.
By Robert A. Bartell, Stephen Burt, Joshua Benn, Joshua Osher, Michael Brill
Interest rate volatility observed in the first quarter continued into the second quarter of 2018.
By Ryan McNelley
Valuations are a core issue for all stakeholders in the alternative funds sector.
By David Larsen
Valuation of Portfolio Company Investments of Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds and Other Investment Companies.
By Duff and Phelps
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was enacted on December 22, 2017, had a significant one-time impact on the net income of many U.S. companies that was reported after that date.
By Mike Heimert, Jill Weise, Ted Keen, Douglas Fone
On July 3, 2018, the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD") released the first public discussion draft on the transfer pricing of financial transactions.
By Robert Peters, Mary Alice Cashin
In 1992, the Supreme Court decided to uphold Quill v. North Dakota stating that a mail-order retailer did not have to collect a state's sales tax if they had no physical presence (or nexus) in that state.
By Ian Manson, Jane Stoakes
In this edition of Regulatory Focus, the experts in Duff & Phelps' UK Compliance and Regulatory Consulting team, provide a detailed synopsis of the latest news and publications issued by the Financial Conduct Authority during July 2018.
By Howard Johnson, Ross Fletcher, Kurt Schurer, Rakesh Jain, David Althoff, Mark Kwilosz, Stephen Burt, Robert A. Bartell
The volume of M&A activity in the North American Freight and Logistics industry has remained flat since 2017, with the continuing decline in trucking activity offset by increased activity in marine, rail and air freight.
By Patrick Wu, Ricky Lee, Joe Zhou, Kevin Leung, Simon Tsang, Neville Lam, Vincent Tsang, Alexandre Pierantoni, Steven Carey
In this edition of Valuation Insights, we look at some of the regulatory changes, report releases and market trends from the second quarter of 2018.
By Julia Rowe
On June 22, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that some damages on foreign sales may be available to U.S. patent owners.
By Jon Melzer, David Althoff, Eric Williams, Jacob Rapp, Howard Johnson, Paul Teuten, Andreas Stoecklin, Dafydd Evans
Housing activity was up in the first half of 2018 but is beginning to show signs of a potential slowdown.
By Varun Gupta, Umakanta Panigrahi, Abhishek Pandey, Santosh N, Aviral Jain
Duff & Phelps launched the fourth edition of its Industry Multiples report for the quarter ended June 2018.
By Leo Civelli, Paola Ricciardi
In the first six months of the year, Italy recorded a positive but still too weak growth to generate benefits.
By Joshua Benn, Darren Gange, Farzad Mukhi, Vijay Sampath
June restaurant survey data indicated a 1.1% improvement in same-store sales (SSS), the fourth consecutive month of positive or flat sales.
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