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By Kathleen Malone, Norman Harrison
Anti-money laundering (AML) enforcement presents a mounting risk and compliance burden for financial institutions as well as other businesses that conduct cash-based transactions.
By Scott Regan
Most unclaimed property reporting laws require that companies that are "holders" of potentially abandoned property notify apparent owners before turning over their funds to the states.
By Roger Grabowski, James Harrington, Carla Nunes
Estimating cost of capital requires matching risk of the subject business with the appropriate return.
By Brian Little, Joshua Benn, Henry Wells
With 2018's first quarter now in the rear view mirror, adaptation has been this year's central theme in the apparel sector.
By Leo Civelli, Paola Ricciardi
Duff & Phelps Italian REAG Market Study focuses on the Italian Real Estate market and contains a macroeconomic overview on the real estate investments in Italy during Q1 2018 ...
By Mike Heimert, Jill Weise, Douglas Fone
In this edition: The OECD has invited public comments on scoping the future revision of Chapter IV and Chapter VII of the Transfer Pricing Guidelines; the IRS and Coca-Cola Company ...
By Ian Manson, Jane Stoakes
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently contacted several firms that currently claim an exemption from the Financial Services Compensation (FSCS) levy.
By Joshua Benn, John Barrymore, Howard Johnson, Ross Fletcher, Farzad Mukhi
M&A deal activity in the food and beverage industry remains active, with more than 260 deals closed over the last twelve month (LTM) period ended March 31, 2018.
By Fernando Ramirez De Verger, David Herr, James Rebello, Adrian Torres
This report includes an introduction to petroleum fiscal regimes and a classification of the main contracts, concessionary systems, sharing agreements and service agreements.
By Mathias Schumacher, Richard Olson
Welcome to the first edition of the Duff & Phelps Secondary Market Advisory Newsletter.
By Mary Alice Cashin, Dustin Jensen
As we await the Supreme Court's decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, a decision that could change the current landscape of sales and use tax collection and reporting, some states continue...
By Michael Brill, Ken Goldsbrough, Robert A. Bartell, Stephen Burt, Joshua Benn, Joshua Osher
Leveraging costs and structures have become increasingly volatile, as markets react to rising economic growth, inflation concerns and trade tensions.
By Mike Heimert, Jill Weise, Douglas Fone
The Notice clarifies several important aspects of the amendment, some of which are highlighted below.
By Gregory Burkart, Karen Hensley-Chelstowska, Michael Lateur
On April 6, 2018, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a new bill exempting certain activities of economic developers from the state's lobbying laws.
By Rosemary Fanelli
"There's just no room for someone who ruins someone else's life using the capital markets to do so," he went on. In fact, though, that's not true.
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