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By Selma Ünlü, Burcu Gürel, Aybike Öztürk
A recent development relating to the pricing of pharmaceuticals came with the "Decision Amending the Decree Regarding Pricing of Pharmaceuticals" in the Official Gazette on February 10 2018.
By Selma Ünlü, Burcu Gürel, Aybike Öztürk
Clinical trials for pharmaceutical products are regulated by the Regulation on Clinical Trials of Pharmaceuticals and Biological Products, together with several guidelines published by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency regarding specific topics.
The mechanisms and regulations combating dishonest practices are performed under different frames.
By Bilge Derinbay, Mahmut Ramazan Ertas
The Communique carries some uncertain provisions within its content and in terms of its spelling.
By Selma Ünlü, Gülay Göksu
The notable improvement is that a post-grant opposition system is brought by the new IP law in line with the system ruled in Article 99 EPC.
By Mahmut Ramazan Ertas, Bilge Derinbay
Amendments To The Turkish Code Of Obligations Regarding Rent Increase Rates Of The Residential And Roofed Workplace Rents.
By Duygu Beyazo, Mahmut Ramazan Ertas
The respective provision further authorizes the Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency as the applier of the sanctions, in addition to the local administrations.
By Duygu Beyazo, Mahmut Ramazan Ertas
Turkish Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency has recently announced that the sanctions for sales centers provided under the Article 28/5 regarding the breach of Article 21 of the ...
By Simge Şahin, Doruk Altın
Intellectual Property Law allows the applicants to request the proof of use of the opponent's trademark(s) in the event that the opposition is filed on the basis of "likelihood of confusion" providing that ...
By İbrahim Barış Sayar
Istanbul Regional Court of Appeals has ruled in a very recent decision that trademark holders cannot prohibit (counterfeit) goods under transit regime...
By Deniz Ersoy-Pinar
On October 19, 2011, a new Communiqué amending the "Communiqué regarding the Classification of the Goods and Services" (hereinafter will be referred to as "Classification Communiqué") has been published within the Official Gazette and it entered into force on the same day.
By Erdal Gökçe
After the ILO (International Labour Organization) Convention numbered 158 in relation to the "termination of employment" of 1982 had been approved by Turkey with the law dated 09.06.1994 and numbered 3999, the modifications were needed to be made in order to harmonize the national legal provisions with the ILO convention.
By Nazlı Selek
The new "Regulation on the Requirement to Obtain Insurance Coverage for Vessels against Maritime Claims and Supervision Thereof" which will be in effect as of 1st July 2011, has been subject to inquiries and questions of the P & I insurance market in Turkey.
By Nazlı Selek
European Union has declared a directive with reference 2009/20 on 23.04.2009 on Insurance of Shipowners for Maritime Claims.