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By Joseph Baiocco, Michael J. Horne
On September 11, 2017, the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Alabama issued an opinion in Barry v. Big M Transp., Inc., Case No. 16-CV-00167, that addresses when, and what type of, sanctions are warranted ...
By Michele C. Sears
Attorney A contended that the attorney-client relationship did not continue past the filing of his notice of withdrawal.
By Ian Stewart
Legal adult-use marijuana is associated with risks that may cause bodily injury and property damage. Many of these risks have been well documented and widely discussed in the media, ...
By Ian Stewart
The cannabis industry appears to be next on the liability "hit list" under California's notorious Proposition 65 statute.
By Rosario Vignali
Deposing your adversary's liability expert is not only a chance to delve into the details of the expert's opinions, but the deposition also presents a great opportunity for defense counsel...
By Anjali Das
Cited as one of the largest incidents of its kind in history, the recent Equifax data breach underscores that every business and individual is vulnerable to theft of sensitive information by unscrupulous hackers.
By Kevin Kavanagh
Hurricanes Harvey and Irma delivered one of Mother Nature's most powerful one-two punches in U.S. history. Harvey struck first.
By William K. Enger
In a decision seen as a groundbreaking show of reciprocity, the Wuhan Intermediate People's Court in the PRC on June 30, 2017, recognized a commercial judgment rendered by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.
By Nyasha Seale, Susan B. Harwood
On September 10−11, 2017, Florida was pounded by Hurricane Irma. It appears that only northwest Florida was spared the wrath of this storm. Landfall occurred near Cudjoe Key in south Florida...
By Thomas M. Gambardella, Allison M. Holubis
According to Lloyd's of London, which helped to reinsure the NFIP for more than $1 billion seven months before Hurricane Harvey, the storms in Texas and Florida may result in damage amounting to....
By Daniel Braude, Thomas Tobin
The litigation-related duty to preserve relevant evidence, which extends to both electronic and hard copy materials, is well established and widely known in the legal community and the business world.
By Ian Stewart, Christopher Seusing, Sehreen Ladak
As the federal government continues to treat marijuana as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, attorneys across the nation face ethical concerns in providing professional services to cannabis-related businesses ...
By Kevin Kavanagh, Brian Breen
The 2017 Hurricane Season will be long remembered. Hurricane Harvey will likely be deemed the most destructive and expensive natural disaster to impact the continental United States.
By William S. Cook
It is common in trucking cases for insurers or their adjusters to obtain statements from the insured driver or other important witnesses after the accident is reported to the carrier.
By Joseph Baiocco, Robert Campobasso, William S. Cook, Michael J. Horne
The September 2017 issue of Transportation News & Insights looks at claims of distracted driving, the importance of regulatory compliance for logistics companies, and protecting insurer-obtained statements...
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