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By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Earlier this week, the Stockholm City Council enacted a ban on sexist outdoor advertising
By Rick Kurnit
DJ Khaled is suing to establish that his 18 month old son's name is a trademark.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance just published the second edition of Social Media: A Global Legal Perspective.
By Christopher Chase
The world's most watched sporting event is only days away and marketers are readying activation for this year's FIFA World Cup in Russia ...
By Terri Seligman
The Green Mountain state is the first in the country to enact (without its governor's signature) a new law establishing a registry and security standards for data brokers.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Better Business Bureau just released a study, "Sweepstakes, Lottery and Prize Scams." The study describes the problems these types of scams cause, the impact on the victims ...
By Christopher Chase
Here's what's happening at the intersection of sports, marketing, and entertainment law as we head into Summer.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
In Golden v. Home Depot, U.S.A., Inc., the plaintiff brought a putative class action alleging, among other things, that Home Depot falsely marketed lumber ...
By Rick Kurnit
The unauthorized use of a model's photo in advertising will support a right of publicity claim (aka commercial appropriation of likeness), but with a Federal Lanham Act claim for likelihood of confusion...
By Wendy Schechter
For those of you unfamiliar with Zillow, Zillow describes itself as an online "home and real estate marketplace."
By Terri Seligman
In a recent Order, the Ninth Circuit has upheld the lower court's dismissal of a proposed class action against Twinings, the tea company.
By Brian Murphy
The ANA-4A's Joint Policy Committee on Broadcast Talent Union Relations and the American Federation of Musicians (AFofM) have agreed to an eighteen-month extension of the Commercials Announcements...
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Federal Trade Commission continues to actively investigate marketers for making false and misleading "Made in USA" claims. In what is potentially a sign of the FTC's frustration about the number of problems ...
By Terri Seligman
The FTC issued guidance today on "giving portals," i.e., online retailers, social media hubs, crowd-funding sites, and other online platforms ...
By Terri Seligman
Just last week, Mastercard announced a campaign to donate 10,000 meals to hungry children in Latin America and the Caribbean through the United Nations World Food Programme...
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