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By Ece Guner
The Council of Ministers’ Decree on Determination of the Companies subject to Independent Audit has been amended on 14 March 2014.
By Guner Law Office
The envisaged modification on the Law No. 5651 on the "Internet Law" is one of the most publicly debated topics in Turkey.
By Guner Law Office
The capital gain taxation has always been an issue of concern for those who wish to transfer their shares in a company with the benefit of tax exemptions.
By Guner Law Office
Electricity distribution companies - Privatisations in this field continue with the privatisation tenders for the shares of Camlibel, Firat, Uludag and Vangolu electricity distribution companies. Bidders must file their final bids by 12 February 2010.
By Guner Law Office
This is the Fourth Quarter 2009 Edition of our email news service – The Turkish Update. This edition provides concise summaries of sector-specific legal developments in Turkey through October, November and December 2009 and includes brief articles on current "Hot Topics" in Turkish law.
By Guner Law Office
The limits the Turkish Commercial Code imposes on the buy-back of shares by Turkish companies have been criticised for some time now as being unresponsive towards the current needs of the Turkish market.
By Guner Law Office
Buying public company shares through voluntary and compulsory tender offers has experienced fast and significant development in global capital markets.
By Guner Law Office
Law No. 1567 on Protection of Turkish Currency (the Law) came into effect on 25 February 1930.
By Guner Law Office
Various amendments to the Communiqué No. 2008-32/34 on Protection of Turkish Currency came into effect on 11 July 2009.
By Guner Law Office
Thanks to its unique location and climate, Turkey enjoys diverse renewable energy resources including hydro, wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.
By Guner Law Office
People involved in the media sector in Turkey have been clamouring for change in the current broadcast media legislation (to reflect recent rapid technological changes and to provide a foreign investor-friendly legislative environment) for some time now.
New measures for foreign currency loans and foreign currency indexed loans.
A foreign creditor has the right to start a lawsuit or an enforcement action against a debtor in Turkey even if there is no reciprocal agreement between Turkey and the creditor’s own jurisdiction.
On 4 June 2009 the Turkish Government announced a new incentive plan for investments in Turkey.
As mentioned in our article “Groundbreaking telecom law to come into effect in May 2009” (which was published in the Last Quarter 2008 Edition of The Turkish Update), some of the changes considered by the groundbreaking Electronic Communication Law No.5809 (the Law) which was published in the Official Gazette on 10 November 2008 need implementation through secondary legislation.