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By Duncan McGill, Joanna Stafford
This decision certainly provides a new tool for defendants and third parties facing broad and imprecise pleadings.
By Jonathan Scragg
The placement of election hoardings is regulated on a local level, and may also be impacted by the terms of the lease.
By Jonathan Scragg
The amendments will be of interest to all civil litigation lawyers and parties involved in disputes before these Courts.
By Aaron Sherriff
All insurance policy documents should be reviewed and updated by 1 September 2017 to comply with the CCLA. with the CCLA.
By Brian Nathan
Interested people have been awaiting this first decision, to see the effect of the increased penalties on actual fines.
By Aaron Sherriff
The Bill gives the Tribunal full jurisdiction over premises occupied or intended to be occupied for residential purposes.
By Andrew Oh
The Act comes into force on 1 September 2017, with an increasing shift towards user-friendly and modernised legislation.
By Aaron Sherriff
A direct agreement empowers the financier to step in and complete the construction project if the developer defaults.
By Brian Nathan
Under proposed changes, NZ employees could make a pay equity claim if they consider there is a disparity in pay for work.
By Bruce Patterson
A recent case has again highlighted the importance of clear drafting in relation to lease provisions.
By Brian Nathan
In many cases, the key to resolving any issues that might arise is clear, prompt and honest communication on both sides.
By Brian Nathan
Prattley challenged the settlement on the basis that they were mistaken about how indemnity should be calculated.
By Aaron Sherriff
This judgment considered the extent of the damage, construction methods and exemplary damages claims against the insurer.
By Aaron Sherriff
A new standard, NZS 8510:2017, brings clarity to testing and decontamination of methamphetamine contaminated properties.
By Chris Linton, Helen Scott
The Paper is an excellent and accessible summary of opportunities presented by fintech for the financial services sector.
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