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By Frazer McLennan, Charles Tansey
A patent family is a collection of things related in some way, where the things just happen to be patent documents.
By Charles Tansey, Katrina Crooks
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Australia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries.
By Gareth Dixon
Article discusses best practice when it comes to prosecuting a NZ patent application.
By Kathy Mytton, Sean McManis
The Full Federal Court found that use of the TRIDENT trade mark by the parent company was authorised by the subsidiary.
By Roshan Evans, Duncan Longstaff
Re-manufacturers should consider whether their activities may infringe patent rights of original product manufacturers.
By Frazer McLennan, Charles Tansey
In depth discussion about rugby balls & how they are made to improve handling and aerodynamics.
By Grant Shoebridge
The IP Amendment Bill Part 2 includes provisions to abolish the second-tier patent system, innovation patents & objects clause.
By Michael Deacon
Overview of some of the key parts of the ACCC guidelines on the repeal of s51(3) which aims to give clarity re IP rights
By Gareth Dixon
The article considers whether the Government has over-reacted in recommending a culling of the innovation patent system.
By Grant Shoebridge
A non-invasive method of detecting fetal characteristics and abnormalities is patent eligible subject matter in Australia.
By Grant Shoebridge
Article opines on the IP Amendment Bill which if passed, will abolish the innovation patent system and more.
By Roshan Evans, Duncan Longstaff
Re-manufacturers should carefully consider if their activities infringe the patent rights of the product manufacturers.
By Frazer McLennan, Charles Tansey
IP Australia have released Australian Design Search, to replace the Australian Designs Data Searching system, or ADDS.
By Gareth Dixon
Across most jurisdictions, the ability to file a divisional application is an essential skill of any patent attorney.
By Roshan Evans, Grant Shoebridge
It is also evident that the patent eligibility of gene-based applications varies significantly across jurisdictions.
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