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By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Tolga Uluay, A. Bahadır Erkan
In our globalized world where trade has no borders, it is a usual practice for companies to conduct operations in different countries, including Turkey.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruç, Büşra Üstüntaş
The Law on the Amendment of Certain Laws for the Improvement of the Investment Environment No. 7099 was published in the Official Gazette last month and introduced significant amendments to various laws..
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Authority published the Board's reasoned decision (dated 22.08.2017 and numbered 17-27/454-195) on the preliminary investigation launched against BSH Ev Aletleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. ("BSH"), a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH operating in the market for durable consumer goods in Turkey
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı
In principle, the termination of an employment agreement is considered to be a last resort in labor relations in Turkey, where employers are obliged to make a sincere effort not to terminate the employment agreements of their long-term employees.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Damla Doğancalı, Selen Sakar
This article will address major amendments and novelties stipulated for foreign exchange and foreign exchange denominated loans.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruç, Damla Doğancalı
The Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of the Treasury has introduced amendments to both the Decree on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency No. 32 ("Decree") and the communiqué regarding the same (the communiqué No. 2008-32/34) ("Communiqué"), which were published in the Official Gazette of January 25, 2018.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceren Yıldız, Sinem Ugur
In Turkey, the authority to initiate dumping or subsidy examinations, upon complaint or, where necessary, ex officio, is given to the Ministry of Economy.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Turkish Competition Authority ("Authority") completed its work in progress on revising the Guidelines on Vertical Agreements ("Guidelines") that was issued based on the Block Exemption Communiqué on Vertical Agreements ("Communiqué No. 2002/2").
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Authority has recently published the Board's reasoned decision in the Çekok Gıda case (dated 03.07.2017, and numbered 17-20/318-140) regarding its ex-officio preliminary investigation based on the allegations that eight undertakings had violated Articles 4 and 6 of the Law No. 4054 by (i) concluding agreements between the relevant undertakings and ..
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz, Burak Yeşilaltay
Turkey recently enacted an amendment to the Turkish radio and television legislation that will regulate radio, television and on-demand broadcasts provided through internet and have these services...
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Nazlı Nil Yukaruç, Damla Doğancalı
Minority shareholders of joint-stock companies ("JSC") are granted various favorable rights under the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 ("TCC") in order to protect them against majority shareholders.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ceyda Karaoğlan Nalçacı, Tolga Uluay
"Organic link theory" applies to legal entities and is relied upon by such entities to extend the liability of one legal entity to another when there is an "organic link" between the two that could render both entities as one in terms of exposure to legal liability.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, İlay Yılmaz
The Working Party on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data ("Working Party") updated their opinion on consent under the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which developed the concept of consent by providing further clarification and specification regarding the requirements and obligations for obtaining and demonstrating valid consent.
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq
The Turkish Competition Board's ("Board") reasoned decision (dated 13.07.2017 and numbered 17-22/352-157) regarding the request to access the case file submitted by Trakya Cam Sanayii A.Ş. ("Trakya Cam") has been published on the official website of the Turkish Competition Authority ("Authority").
By Gönenç Gürkaynak Esq, Ç. Olgu Kama
The new Communiqué on National Calculation Method of Energy Efficiency in Buildings ("Communiqué") was published in the Official Gazette of November 1, 2017, and entered into force on the same day.
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