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By Nadia Czachor, Ian Wright
The Court preferred the Appellant's evidence and found that the evidence submitted by its valuation expert was better.
By Rebecca Castley
Notable changes are the increased popularity of Airbnb accommodation services and proposed Victorian legislative changes.
By Tim Seton, Isabella Johnston
The role of adjudicator is personal and a determination is void if the adjudicator impermissibly delegates the function.
By Nadia Czachor, Ian Wright, Russell Buckley
The Court found it was entirely reasonable to withdraw, after a re-evaluation of prospects from the experts' meeting.
By Stuart Unwin
Circumstances can arise where a party is unable to strictly comply with rules governing disclosure of expert evidence.
By Todd Neal, Katherine Edwards
NSW waste operators and waste transport businesses should ensure compliance with approvals or risk enforcement action.
By Nadia Czachor, Ian Wright, Nina Crew
The Appellant had not discharged the onus of proof that there was an error in the Valuer-General's original assessment.
By Nadia Czachor, Ian Wright, Ella Hooper
The Court held that the landowner failed to discharge its onus of proof with respect to any of its grounds of appeal.
By Paul O'Halloran
Employers must make sexual harassment training and compliance a mandatory component of corporate governance practices.
By Damien Butler, Catherine Bell
The recent amendments have introduced a prohibition on the enforcement of ipso facto clauses in certain circumstances.
By Stephen Thompson, Julian Peake
Participants in the supply chain and their executive officers should take action to manage the new obligations imposed.
By Paul O'Halloran
Workplace law compliance starts at the top: Employer held liable in negligence as a result of CEO's bullying behaviour.
By Ian Wright, Nadia Czachor, Daniel Tweedale
Most of the maintenance and repairs to the haul route would be occasioned by vehicle traffic caused by the development.
By Mathew Deighton, Joey McKenzie, Alice Blackburn
The decision highlights the care and consideration necessary if drafting settlement agreements for multi-party disputes.
By Paul O'Halloran
The employment relationship changes over time, so employers should regularly review and update contracts of employment.
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