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By Stuart Hetherington
The Court held that the ransom negotiation period expenses were allowable under Rule F of the York Antwerp Rules.
By Mathew Deighton
Where parties to a commercial contract agree to a dispute resolution procedure, they should comply with that procedure.
By Carlos Gouveia
New bill creates tax incentive scheme called JMEI to help boost greenfields exploration activity in Australia. .
By Paul O'Halloran
Royal Commission observed that careful screening during recruitment can help detect and deter child abusers. .
By Paul O'Halloran
Employers should consider the risks and take steps now to avoid being held vicariously liable for unlawful behaviour.
By Brendan Pearce
This recent decision will reduce the role that lawyers and other representatives could play at the FWC in some matters.
By Chris Rumore
Electronic certificates of title (eCT) are becoming common in New South Wales as a means of dispensing with paper titles.
By Paul O'Halloran
University allowed to terminate its enterprise agreement because it inhibited its financial and operational performance.
By Carlos Gouveia
Proceeds from a property development project may be taxed as a disposal of trading stock, profit making scheme or capital gain.
By Marcus Saw, Andrew Tulloch
Exporters and air carriers will find the analysis of an "event" and "defective packing" under Article 18 interesting.
By Chris Rumore
Discretionary trust deeds should be reviewed and amended where necessary in accordance with NSW Revenue Ruling G010.
By Paul O'Halloran
Employers with enterprise agreements due to expire should plan a re-negotiation strategy to minimise industrial action.
By Andrew Komesaroff, Adam Meyer, Andrew Probert
A director or officer should ensure adequate cover, through D&O Insurance, for risks not covered by an Indemnity Deed.
By Victor Borzillo
The introduction of PBAs creates a complex process to ensure that subcontractors are paid in a timely and efficient way.
By Chris Rumore
If you need or want rights of access to the property before settlement, then this must be enshrined in the contract.
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