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Contributor Most Read
By Webteam Deloitte
Alongside advisory and implementation services, Deloitte also offers advanced Managed Security Services provided 24/7 via a mature global network of Cyber Intelligence Centers.
By Deloitte LLP
The Olympic Games showcase the best of human achievement – and inspire future generations to emulate the stars of today.
By Angus Knowles-Cutler
You may have heard that robots are coming for your job. Rapid advances in robotics, big data and artificial intelligence are beginning to disrupt entire industries, and technology is threatening to replace more than ten million UK workers.
By Paul Thompson, Richard Horton
Organisations face major disruption to their markets, customers and workforce. Deloitte has developed the Digital Disruption Index to help remove the hype around technology investment and also help senior executives uncover digital skills gaps.
By Josh Bersin
This interactive dashboard reveals the results of the 2017 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey.
By Angus Knowles-Cutler
The UK economy has proven its resilience and ability to successfully navigate change many times throughout history.
By Andrew Bulley, Sherine El-Sayed, Joy Kershaw, Felix Bungay
The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) and the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation rules went live in January this year.
By Matthew Ellis
Sitting in the House of Commons to talk about the impact of Brexit is not my typical Tuesday afternoon.
By Matthew Thaxter
Most people will have been impacted by cancer in some way – whether themselves, a family member, a loved one or an acquaintance.
By Phil Wright
The first lesson my fellow undergraduate coursemates and I were taught at university was that ‘planners do not plan towns'. A useful clarification, but what followed was arguably more noteworthy.
By Andrew Bulley
Overall, IOSCO's recommendations are line with existing supervisory expectations in the EU but they add more detail in some areas.
By Deloitte LLP
What do we value about working in Deloitte Cyber Risk Services? Everyone is different, but we are all attracted to the challenges and opportunities of working in this fast-moving field.
By David Strachan, Brian Thornhill
The European Commission (‘the Commission') set out its plans for a regulation and directive to amend the prudential rules for investment firms.
By Deloitte LLP
With an enthusiasm for new and developing technologies, Vikesh joined our Technology Consulting Placement to expose him to the tech world and gain invaluable support to further his career.
By Maria Quinlan
In November 2017 we published our report Time to care: Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe.
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