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By Katarzyna Sliwa, Eric Foster, James Wishart
On September 27, 2018, Bill 36, the Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act (Bill 36), which enacts the Cannabis Licence Act (CLA) and makes amendments to various other pieces of legislation,
By Victoria L. Middleditch
In Bellman v Northampton Recruitment Limited (NRL), the Court of Appeal decided that NRL was liable for its Managing Director drunkenly assaulting another employee at an "impromptu" drinks event after a work Christmas party.
By Michael Huertas
This Background Briefing collates recent Eurozone Hub coverage on the EU's supervisory principles on relocations (SPoRs) ...
By Neil Griffiths, Ian Fox
At the end of August, BEIS (finally) responded to a May 2016 consultation paper which reviewed the UK's corporate insolvency framework.
By Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek, Gabriela Kozerska
The draft Regulation on Employment Records unveiled in mid-September is the proposed ordinance to the Act on Amendments of Certain Acts in Connection with Shortening the Period of Storage...
By Victoria L. Middleditch
As UK companies with more than 250 employees are now required to publish gender pay gap information, the government has turned its attention to the ethnicity pay gap.
By Sarah Dyke, Rebecca Urry
In March 2018, the Loan Market Association (LMA) launched a new form of Green Loan Principles (the Principles), to support the loan markets in funding projects that contribute to environmental sustainability.
By Michael Huertas, Celyn Armstrong, Amy Kläsener, Stephen J. Senderowitz, Courtney Lotfi, Heiko Heppner
English law has traditionally been the go-to choice of governing law for financial institutions and enjoys the predominant place for a number of financial transaction types and master agreement documentation suites.
By Giangiacomo Olivi
It is not simple to assess when a DPIA is required, whether it is mandatory or highly recommended; in particular a number of processing operations may give rise to uncertainty.
By Tomáš Bílek, Ladislav Smejkal
Advokátní kancelář Dentons si Vám dovoluje předložit další vydání pracovně právního newsletteru, který shrnuje novinky v pracovně právní legislativě a judikatuře.
By Heico Reinoud, Jurjen Bevers, Paul Halprin, Marnix Veldhuijzen
On October 15, the Dutch government published a letter containing a reconsideration of certain proposals that were published on Budget Day
By Sara Biglieri
We are waiting for the approval of the proposal presented in April 2018 by the Commission, to introduce a uniform representative action to protect consumers' collective interests,
By   Dentons
We are pleased to bring you this latest version of "Brexit and Citizens' Rights: Guide for UK-based EU nationals".
By Giangiacomo Olivi, Saverio Cavalcanti
"We've been Banksy'd!" L'opera d'arte tra autodistruzione e diritto.
By Frédérique Meslay-Caloni
In the era of society's digitalization and uberization, you are solicited by an increasing number of digital platforms offering services allowing to contact various independent workers
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