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By Michael Larsen, Scott Lamb
Trade contractors often face significant delays in payment on construction projects, as funds slowly wind their way down
By Polly Storey
In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of British Columbia has clarified the property interests that may arise when a property is held in joint names
By Samantha Ip, Kezia Messakh
It is not uncommon for insurance policies to contain a deductible clause.
By Melanee Bryniawsky, Samantha Ip
In the recent Ontario decision, Rocky Heights v. Biber, 2019 ONSC 3598, the Ontario Supreme Court was asked to determine whether a subrogated claim could be made against Ms. Biber, an officer of the
By Polly Storey
In a decision handed down this week, the Court of Appeal attempted to clarify a question that has frustrated family law practitioners and clients alike
By Anne Amos-Stewart, Michal Jaworski
In the workplace, it's clear who we work for—our employer (that is, the company, the organization, the institution, that signs our paycheques).
By Michal Jaworski
June 2019, Denver, Colorado – Maybe inspired by this mile-high location, the annual NACUA conference was a mile-wide and a mile-deep: 1,800 attendees
By Michael Larsen, Michal Jaworski
In previous newsletters, we discussed two recent decisions of the BC Supreme Court involving civil lawsuits brought by university students against their institutions
By Richard Weiland
The British Columbia Court of Appeal has held that a clause in a will directing estate property to be transferred to a trust that was created before death is invalid.
By Alexandra Madden
The principles from the seminal case on directors fiduciary duties, BCE Inc. v. 1976 Debentureholders, 2008 SCC 69 ("BCE"), has finally been codified. In this case,
By Areet Kaila, Scott McLeod
In the 2019 Federal Budget released earlier this year, the federal government announced proposed changes to the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the "Act")
By Polly Storey
A recent decision shows how the Court may find a will-maker's handwritten changes to be legally effective.
By Clark Wilson LLP
In a recent case, Bajwa v. Habib, 2019 BCSC 721, the BC Supreme Court clarified the law with respect to whether a party that was previously awarded
By Emily Clough
Two recent BC Supreme Court decisions required the Court to determine when it is appropriate to remove an executor of an estate: Nieweler Estate (Re) 2019 BCSC 401
By Samantha Ip, Erin Barnes
Over the course of the past two decades, the notion of what exactly is deemed to be appropriate conduct in the context of insurance claims has been refined by repeated challenges in Canadian courts.
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