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By Jonathan More
If you missed that article, please take some time out to review this.
By Jesse Way
The Court of Appeal recently provided – for the first time in decades – a useful summary on practical completion in the context of construction contracts.
By Jeremy Glover
PBS sought the summary enforcement of an adjudication decision in the sum of £1.8 million. Bester resisted on the basis that the decision had been procured by fraud.
By Dr. Stacy Sinclair
"Risk and contract management" may sound boring and tedious to some. However, when it comes to keeping on top of your construction contracts, nothing could be more important.
By Jonathan More
The construction industry enters 2019 a bit battered and bruised.
By Robbie McCrea
The dispute mechanism in the 2017 Contracts follows on from a worldwide trend of promoting dispute avoidance over arbitration.
By Simon Tolson
TeCSA keeps these issues under regular review as the law and practice is ever moving.
By Jeremy Glover, Ahmed Ibrahim
The Federal Arbitration Act ("FAA") came into effect in the UAE on 16 June 2018.
By Jeremy Glover
Under the 2017 edition of the FIDIC Rainbow Suite, clause 19 which was headed "force majeure" has been replaced by clause 18, "exceptional events".
By Martin Ewen
The project fell into delay and Grosvenor referred a dispute to adjudication.
By Marc Wilkins
Concurrent Delay: Allocating the Risk
By Rebecca Ardagh
In June 2018, the Technology and Construction Court (likely) brought an end to what Fraser J could only describe as "some long running, and bitterly fought, litigation" with his decision in Imperial Chemical Industries Limited v Merit Merrell Technology Limited.
By Andrew Weston
In August 2018, in Michael J Lonsdale (Electrical) Limited v Bresco Electrical Services Limited (In Liquidation) Mr Justice Fraser had the opportunity in the context of CPR Part 8 proceedings to clarify whether or not ...
By Sarah Buckingham
There are potentially many issues lurking within the third-party agreements which may be foisted on to contractors.
By James Mullen
The uncertainty surrounding the effectiveness of NOM clauses was due to a number of factors.
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