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By Kathleen Moniz
For any organisation, personal information about customers, clients, employees and suppliers is a valuable asset. But it is also a responsibility.
By Craig Fulton, Ruth Hatt, Maree Martin, Kevin Butler, Richard Fear
As a reminder, we have recently issued a variety of updates and alerts highlighting some of the key regulatory changes here in the Cayman Islands (click on headings below for further details).
By Kathleen Moniz
For any organisation, personal information about customers, clients, employees and suppliers is a valuable asset. But it is also a responsibility.
By Marcello Ausenda, David Astwood, David Cooke, Guy Cooper, Sophia Greaves, Victor Richards
We are pleased to present Conyers' 2018 Norway Practice Bulletin. This annual publication underscores the importance of the Norwegian market to our Bermuda corporate practice.
By Ruth Hatt, Craig Fulton, Kevin Butler
The statutory deadline for filing CRS and US FATCA reports for the 2017 year of account was 31 May 2018. Notwithstanding this statutory deadline, the Department for International Tax Cooperation (the "DITC") ...
By Graham Collis, Justine Blakesley
The Companies Amendment Act, 2018, which is deemed to have come into operation on 21 March 2018, amends the Companies Act, 1981 as regards the filing of information contained in bye-laws...
By Derek Stenson, Kevin Butler, Matthew Stocker, Richard Fear, Ruth Hatt
This advisory provides illustrative examples of how the CSX takes a proactive approach to bespoke listings.
By Ben Hobden, Erik Bodden, Jordan McErlean
In the recent decision of Aurora Funds Management Limited et al -v- Torchlight GP Limited the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought in respect of an order made by McMillan J in the Grand Court ...
By Norman Hau, Ben Hobden
Hong Kong is one of the leading capital markets in the world. Billions of dollars are raised on a day to day basis, from all parts of the world, through a wide range of capital and financing activities, particularly IPOs.
By Christopher Garrod
Those issuers who do not make the cut will have to choose another jurisdiction.
By Richard Fear, Maree Martin, Ruth Hatt
Further to our Alert issued in January 2018 the Tax Information Authority of the Cayman Islands ("TIA") has now issued Guidance in respect of the Country-by-Country Reporting requirements ("CbCR").
By Robert Lindley, Bernadette Carey
Acquiring artworks, antiques, and other collectibles is a common pastime of private clients, for reasons that can vary greatly from profit-making to maintaining cultural ties, or simply as a general reflection of their interests
By Bernadette Carey
In its decision in the matter of Shanda Games Limited, the CICA has gone a step further and altered the landscape against which fair value of the Dissenters shares is to be properly assessed in the future.
By Christopher Garrod
Every insurance and reinsurance related event lately has had at least one panel on a particular topic that almost no-one had heard of a couple of years ago: insurtech.
By Gene DaCosta, Maree Martin
On 23 April 2018, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority ("CIMA") released a public advisory on virtual currencies to warn of the risks associated with investments in initial coin offerings and virtual currencies ...
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