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By Bernadette Carey, Erik Bodden, Paul Smith, Robert Lindley
The question of whether an individual has the mental capacity to exercise his or her legal rights or powers is one fraught with difficulties, and inevitably subject to great debate.
By Julie McLean, Jason Piney, Alexandra Macdonald
The world's largest offshore fully electronic securities exchange, the BSX offers issuers an affordable, well-regulated listing venue.
By Nigel Meeson Q.C., Erik Bodden
In ordinary commercial litigation there is a plaintiff making a claim and a defendant resisting the claim made by the plaintiff.
By Norman Hau, Nigel Meeson Q.C., Paul Smith
Earlier this month, the Hong Kong Companies Judge Hon Harris J. handed down Reasons for Decision in Re China Lumena New Materials Corp which usefully clarifies the Hong Kong Court's view on powers of foreign insolvency...
By Nigel Meeson Q.C., Bernadette Carey, Erik Bodden, Paul Smith
In In the matter of Trina Solar Limited1 ("Trina Solar") the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands refused an interlocutory application, made by a group of dissenting shareholders (the "Dissenters") ...
By Norman Hau, Jerry Samuel, Mark Forte, Nigel Meeson Q.C., Richard Evans
Conyers Dill & Pearman act for a group of minority shareholders of a BVI company known as King Bun Limited in a derivative action against its Hong Kong based directors for damages caused to the company ...
By Kathleen Moniz, Ben Adamson, Donna Pilgrim
Bermuda has introduced the Personal Information Protection Act, 2016 to regulate the use of personal information by organisations in a manner that recognises the need to protect the rights of individuals...
By Sheba Raza
Bermuda's reputation as an established international finance centre is well known.
By Richard Fear, Craig Fulton, Kevin Butler
Since our Cayman Islands Regulatory Update in October 2017, the Cayman Islands has introduced further anti-money laundering legislation and guidance
By Anton Goldstein, Eric Flaye
There has recently been a resurgence of interest in special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), which are also known as ‘blank check' or ‘cash shell' companies.
By Graham Collis, Robert Briant, Kevin Butler, Fawaz Elmalki, Christopher Bickley, Linda Martin, Sameer Tegally, Alan Dickson
This annual review highlights Conyers Dill & Pearman's global corporate transactional legal work in 2017 across economic markets and industry sectors.
By Alecia Johns
In the recent Court of Appeal decision of Steadroy Matthews -v- Garna O'Neal, BVIHCVAP 2015/0019 ("Steadroy Matthews") the Court upheld an award of pre-judgment interest on general damages...
By Piers Alexander
The Companies Law and the Limited Liability Companies Law of the Cayman Islands (Regime) requires certain Cayman Islands corporate entities (each a company) to maintain a beneficial ownership register (Register) at their relevant registered office, the information of which will be stored in encrypted form on a secure, stand-alone search platform established by the Minister of Financial Services of the Cayman Islands, as the competent authority (Competent Authority).
By Christopher Garrod
A few years ago, if you had mentioned the term "cryptocurrency" to me, I would have imagined some kind of currency involving an underworld banking system, with hooded traders sitting behind shady computers.
By David Lamb, Richard Hall, Flora Wong, Anna W.T. Chong, Richard Fear, Christopher Bickley, Kevin Butler
We are pleased to present this Cayman Asia M&A Market Report which recaps merger and acquisition activity involving Cayman public companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in the second half of 2017.
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