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By Michael Frith
The world is a dynamic place, with constant economic rebalancing, shifting geopolitical priorities and ideological differences, all in the very human quest for prosperity.
By Piers Alexander
There's a reason that the Cayman Islands is one of the world's biggest and most attractive hubs for offshore financial businesses.
By Piers Alexander
The Cayman Islands is a world leader in the establishment of offshore hedge funds. Its tax-neutral platform, stable economy, sophisticated banking sector, confidentiality and professional financial service industry ...
By Harry Kessaram
Remember learning about the Boston Tea party in history class and the rallying cry, "no taxation without representation"?
By Ben Hobden, Spencer Vickers, Paul Smith
If at the Court Meetings the creditors vote to approve the scheme, the Court must then consider whether it is appropriate to sanction the scheme.
By David Lamb, Richard Hall, Flora Wong, Anna W.T. Chong, Richard Fear, Christopher Bickley, Kevin Butler
We are pleased to present this Cayman Asia M&A Market Report which recaps merger and acquisition activity involving Cayman public companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in the first half of 2017.
By Jason Piney, Neil Henderson, Graham Collis, David Cooke, Charles Collis, Sophia Greaves
Bermuda has long been established as one of the largest and most developed offshore jurisdictions for asset-backed securitisation transactions, most notably in the aircraft and aircraft engines sectors,
By Martin Lane
In June 2017, The Data Protection Law (the "DP Law") was published in the Cayman Islands Official Gazette.
By Nigel Meeson Q.C., Sarah Lewis, Paul Smith
In Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd (unreported 26 January 2017) the Honourable Justice Quin held that the Grand Court had power to order an interim payment to be made by the Company to dissenters...
By Ben Adamson
The Bribery Act, 2016 will come into force on 1 September 2017.
By Craig Fulton, Kevin Butler
The DITC has extended the reporting deadline for US FATCA and CRS to 31 August 2017.
By Nigel Meeson Q.C., Bernadette Carey, Erik Bodden, Paul Smith
Having seen a surge in dissenting shareholder litigation over the past 18 months, the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands continues to release considered judgments concerning the operation of the appraisal process set out in ...
By Matthew Stocker
The Cayman Islands is not a signatory (or a party by extension from the UK) to the Rome Convention, the Geneva Convention or the Chicago Convention.
By Julie McLean
Patience is a virtue, or so we are told as children by our parents.
By Ben Hobden, Spencer Vickers, Paul Smith
Herald's position was that all investors who were unpaid on 12 December 2008 rank as ordinary shareholders and should therefore be paid pari passu.
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