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By Lisa M. Mandrusiak
The PTAB designated three decisions as precedential yesterday (in addition to several in previous weeks).
By Philippe J.C. Signore, Ph.D.
In mid-November 2018, Amazon grabbed headlines when it announced it will build part of its new headquarters in Northern Virginia.
By Christopher Ricciuti
On April 4, 2019, the PTAB designated as precedential its decision in Huawei Device Co., Ltd. v. Optis Cellular Tech., LLC, which provides additional insight on the Trial Practice Guide's good cause standard ...
By Richard D. Kelly
The clinic has filed minerals patent on this invention in an attempt to find a claim the Federal Circuit would find to be patent ineligible.
By Lisa M. Mandrusiak
35 U.S.C. § 315(e)(1) and (2) are the statutory provisions regarding petitioner estoppel in IPRs.
By Robert Tarcu
It is safe to say that Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are hot topics and, as with any rapidly growing technological area on the industry side, there is also a rapidly growing number of patent applications being filed.
By Charles L. Gholz
What the panel did was to focus on one limitation in independent claim 1 in GED's patent.
By Richard D. Kelly
The district court's decision arouse out of a motion for judgment on the pleadings filed by Creative.
By Stephen McBride
More broadly, the Finnavations opinion underscores the District of Delaware's increased willingness in recent years to grant exceptional case motions.
By Charles L. Gholz
The court came up with those assertions entirely on its own." Id. at page 13 n. 16; emphasis deleted.
By Lisa M. Mandrusiak
Two of the decisions are related to when live testimony is allowed during oral arguments.
By Marina I. Miller
IPS designs parking meter technology.
By Christopher Ricciuti
In contrast, the POP noted that it does not generally expect fairness and prejudice concerns to be implicated by, for example, the mistake or omissions of a petitioner.
By Lisa M. Mandrusiak
A bipartisan group of senators sponsored a bill this week—the Biologic Patent Transparency Act, S. 659—aimed at making patent information associated with biologics easier to identify and easing the approval process ...
By W. Todd Baker
Spring gardening season has begun and the USPTO is once again planting its Motion to Amend ("MTA") seeds.