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By Miranda Watkins
Today's employment "Game of Life" looks very different than it used to. One of the biggest reasons: the gig economy is expanding at a rapid pace.
By Howard Mavity
Employers will be relieved, at least temporarily, of the requirement to file injury information through an electronic recordkeeping system that was scheduled to take effect this July 1.
By William E. Blackie
In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in student-on-student sexual violence on college campuses across the nation.
By Cheryl Pinarchick
The replacement for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – the American Health Care Act (AHCA) – recently passed the House and is now being considered by the Senate.
By Michelli Rivera, Jennifer Sandberg
Many workers in Georgia who receive sick leave from their employers will soon be entitled to use such leave to care for family members, thanks to a new law signed into effect by Governor Nathan Deal...
By John Thompson
Summer's approach has sparked renewed interest in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act's provision authorizing a less-than-$7.25 wage rate for certain younger employees in particular circumstances.
By Michael Marra, Julia H. Wilson
On April 6, the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the Philadelphia ordinance violates the freedom of speech of impacted businesses.
By Michelli Rivera
Companies that don't take appropriate measures may find themselves in deep trouble.
By Richard Meneghello
According to a great article by Tyrone Richardson in Bloomberg BNA, it appears that the concept of portable benefits for gig workers is a step closer to reality.
By John Skousen, Megan Walker
Ultimately, this ruling provides a good reminder that you should clearly define your workweek so that you can preserve the advantages provided by the court's interpretation of the state Labor Code.
By Joseph Shelton
An influential member of Congress recently provided some hope that statutory relief for the ill-fitting wage-hour rules as applied to gig workers might be considered by Washington in the...
By Benjamin M. Ebbink
Responding to years of pressure from union advocates and their allies, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) has proposed a first-in-the-nation, industry-specific...
By Mark Gomsak
Gig Economy companies (Gig companies) essentially serve as digital platforms facilitating gigs between workers and customers seeking their services.
By Heather Steele
The use of biometric data is continuously increasing, including in the workplace. Biometric data may include facial characteristics, hand geometry, a retina/iris scan, a fingerprint or a voiceprint.
By Danielle Urban
A while back, we posted about corporate travel and the sharing economy, noting the burgeoning acceptance of ride-sharing expenses by corporate America.
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