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By Akber Ahmed
The Three Lions defied all expectations at the World Cup by reaching the semi-final and breaking England's penalty shootout hoodoo along the way.
By Edith Penty Geraets
The Court of Appeal considered this scenario in Jushi v OCV. To a certain extent, this judgment brings the UK approach to patentability of overlapping numerical ranges in line with the established approach at the EPO.
By Alan Fiddes
The EU Trade Secrets Directive (2016/943) required EU member states to introduce laws, regulations and administrative provisions to establish a minimum level of protection for trade secrets.
By Ian Atkinson
Many products are based on novel applications of materials which were originally developed for other purposes.
By Terence Broderick
However, UK law, as in many other territories, does enable patents to be co-owned and co-filed by more than a single party.
By Clair Curran
As EQEs can be sat in the official languages of the EPO — French, German and English — this outperformance cannot be attributed to a language advantage for UK candidates.
By Christopher Banister
In this case, involving Mitsubishi forklift trucks, two importers were taking advantage of the system.
By Jenny Smith
One major change which could affect current practice is the plan to stop the substantive examination of priority claims during the pre-registration procedure.
By Clair Curran
A recipe is a method of making a chemical composition.
By Ian Atkinson
Graphene was identified back in 2004 by scientists at The University of Manchester. This led to a surge of interest in this seemingly simple, yet surprisingly fascinating new material.
In this article, we take a look at recent case law surrounding exclusive licensing and how care should be taken both when negotiating and acquiring an exclusive licence.
By Clair Curran
Europe is home to a relatively aged population — today, almost a quarter of us are 60 or older.
By Nicole Cordy
There is a misconception that all inventors are eccentric old men who spend their lives tinkering with gadgets in a shed.
By Gareth Price
There has been much progress in recent times with the negotiations between the UK and European Union in relation to registered IP rights.
By Ian Atkinson
Powerful ideas, whether they are of a political, religious or technological persuasion, have the capacity to improve our lives.