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By Anna Turi
The HCA also resorted to a dawn raid during the original proceeding, which is a new instrument in merger control cases.
By Adolf Zemann, Guido Kucsko
Copyright levies on recording media have been occupying the Austrian courts, courts of other Member States ...
By Andreas Natterer, Michaela Pohl
Exactly four months ago, we reported that the Austrian pastry shop Aida was starting to sell cakes containing CBD and explained the legal situation.
By Marija Zdravković, Aleksa Damjanac
After a public hearing that lasted more than a year, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the new Data Protection Law (the "Law") on 9 November 2018.
By András Nagy
Yet another decision indicates that the Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) is among the more rigorous competition authorities in Europe.
By Gergely Szalóki
Factoring is an increasingly popular product of banks that appeals to corporate clients of whatever size as it provides liquidity to the clients and stable cash flow.
By Marina Stanisavljevic
The most recent article in our Efficient Arbitration Series looked at how document production, when handled properly, could save time and costs in arbitration proceedings.
By András Nagy
The Hungarian Competition Authority (HCA) recently published a strategy paper presenting its views on consumer protection in the digital age.
By Galina Petkova, Rosen Manchev
With Decision No. 1308 of 22 November 2018, the Commission for the Protection of Competition (the "CPC") ...
By Krzysztof Pawlak
On 30 November 2018, a new law implementing several changes to existing legislation (1), notably to the Civil Code and the Commercial Companies Code, as well as to tax laws, was announced.
By Georgiana Bădescu
With less than one month to go before Christmas, most of us are getting excited about the holiday season and tidying up our gift lists for Santa.
By Rudolf Bicek
Business corporations have been criminally liable in the Czech Republic since January 2012
By Oana Vodă, Valerie Stropșa
This seems to be a hot year-end for Romanian infrastructure, with the government recently launching the first public procedure for the award of a strategic infrastructure project under the new Romanian PPP legislation.
By Tsvetan Krumov
The amendments provide new business opportunities to banks to enter into repo transactions and derivatives with Bulgarian pension funds.
By Srđana Petronijević, Zoran Šoljaga
This case was initiated ex-officio in April 2018, when the Commission raided Keprom d.o.o. and Yuglob d.o.o, two importers and distributors, and several retailers of baby care products.
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