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By Murat Kutluğ
Bitcoin can be briefly defined as a new virtual payment system. It provides an online payment opportunity for the purchase of goods and services.
By Martin Ebner, Dominik Tyrybon, Adina-Otilia Damaschin, Soňa Hekelová, Alexandra Adamičková
Direct lending funds are emerging as key sources of loan financing. Understanding the local legal framework and peculiarities is important for executing a lending transaction ...
By Christoph Tittes, Franziska Oczlon
Unfortunately, the Austrian Supreme Court ("OGH") doesn't think so.
By Tamás Balogh
On 20 July 2017, a burglar sneaked into a family's flat in Hungary, grabbed whatever valuables he could find, and disappeared without a trace.
By Günther Leissler, Veronika Wolfbauer
Simply put, it makes face IDs from mobile devices illegal.
By Philipp Wetter, Philipp Kalser
Following the opening of insolvency proceedings, the insolvency receiver typically tries to enlarge the insolvency estate by asserting voidance claims.
By Andrea Gal
The number of medical malpractice litigation cases in Romania is growing exponentially. It is a phenomenon that directly involves insurance companies ...
By Nives Slemenjak
Among the constantly evolving measures aimed at consumer protection and health is the introduction of maximum permitted levels of trans-fatty acids ("TFA") ...
By Clemens Grassinger
The European Commission proposed fundamental changes to the current Value Added Tax (VAT) regime, aimed at delivering a definite pan-European VAT system in order to tackle tax fraud as well as to unify and ...
By Stefana Tsekova, Dimitar Kairakov
As of 1 April 2018, applicants in tender procedures must submit the European Single Procurement Document ("ESPD") in electronic form using a template provided by the European Commission.
By Roman Perner, Christopher Jünger, Vladimir Čížek, Jitka Kadlčíková
The disclosure of beneficial owners has come to the fore with the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive requiring EU member states to adapt their national legal provisions in respect of corporate and legal entities.
By Vlad Săndulescu
The corporate functioning rules for joint stock companies have been repeatedly altered by Romanian legislation, especially in relation to the governing structures of companies, such as shareholders' assemblies and management bodies.
By Petra Šantić
The new Gas Market Act came into force on 3 March 2018, with the primary aim of regulating the rights and obligations of participants in the Croatian gas market pursuant to the Third Gas Directive (2009/73/EC).
By Stefan Paulmayer, Ilko Stoyanov, Milena Angelova, Ozren Kobsa, Marko Kapetanović, Gergely Szalóki, Vid Kobe, Lea Avsenik
With credit institutions still reluctant to provide financing to start-ups, many companies are looking for new ways to raise funds.
By Stefan Paulmayer
Schoenherr has launched an online guide on ICOs and ITOs throughout the wider CEE / SEE area.
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