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AG Stein is also requesting civil penalties and disgorgement of JUUL's profits.
That is to say, if these plaintiffs cannot test the legality of the defendants' advertisements…then no one can.
We will continue to track the status of any proposed amendments to the CCPA.
In other instances, slabs are imported as finished products.
The Federal Trade Commission might have evaluated these issues a bit differently.
These three new actions, however, are the first to focus exclusively on violations of the CRFA.
The hotel then destroyed the mural by covering it with wallpaper.
Today, SAG-AFTRA announced that it has revoked the signatory status of six "signatory service" entities: Checks in Motion, Inc., CMC/Forecast, Inc., CMS Productions, Talent Direct, Inc., Talent Solutions, and Waving Cat.
The NARB panel also considered an expert declaration from a Yale School of Medicine professor submitted by Eli.
The parties were forced to go to trial, however, on the issue of monetary relief.