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This obstinate and malignant relies on pervasive behaviour and beliefs embedded in our society supporting maltreatment against women. How does a civilized society condone such behaviour?
Contractual relationship may come to an end; the trust may vanish and, in the troublesome financial atmosphere, organizations or people can be declared bankrupt
FIDIC has a different category known as Rainbow suite for varied projects or contracts.
It is a formal demand sent by one nation to another through diplomatic routes, for the latter to surrender the person who has committed the offence in the requesting country to their authorities.
Financial consultants, bankers and investors usually fail to understand the true concept behind investment in cryptocurrency
Ordinarily, the arrestees are kept in detainment for a certain period or until the public prosecutor finishes the investigation.
With a persistent variation in the property prices, the buyers are climbing the bandwagon to earn profits on investment.
The pith of criminal law depends on two elements Actus Reus and Mens Rea derived from the legal maxim "actus non facit reum nisi mens sit rea" which means no act is punishable without a guilty mind
UAE has seen a considerable increase in the business opportunities and foreign investors in last decade.
Whether the judgments issued by foreign courts will hold a practical stance in Dubai courts is still a moot discussion.